KoiNante C4 P3

I told you it wasn’t gonna happen. It’s only been like 10 months. Nbd, right?

I’m reordering some things with the site, so if you find some links don’t work and feel like it, let me know.

Would you guys prefer getting the content in small, ‘more frequent’ chunks or in the larger, full chapters that may take… a while? For context, CH4 was 24 pages and CH5 is 57.


CH4 P3

So, I was basically an on-call employee when I started translating this, but at some point my coworker/friend decided to go to Vietnam for… well, he hasn’t come back yet… and because of that I was brought on full time. Getting used to it took a lot out of me so I had to take a break from translating, and you know how it is once you fall out of a habit. Getting back to this was always in the back of my mind though, so once I got a decent amount of time off I started working on it again.

Hopefully you didn’t all relegate this to the graveyard of half-translated novels yet.

Also, fun fact; the author wrote at least two other novels like this. One seems to be a sequel, which has some illustrations of the two main characters in it, and the other has a slightly different title so I have no idea of the plot.

KoiNante C4 P2

Not dead. Here’s the second part. There were a few more TL notes than I’m used to for this size.

CH4 P2

Next up is a relatively short part. I actually wouldn’t have released this until it was done, except I wanted to let everyone know what was up.

I’m taking this even slower than I thought. I’m kind of bad at doing things in moderation, so after a while spending all my time on this started to wear on me. I plan to release parts when I’m done, whenever that happens to be. It might sound like I’m gonna be telling you I’m dropping this with the next update, but I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.


KoiNante C4 P1

I’m late on this one. It’s short too. I took a bit more on than I thought I was with this schedule, so I can’t keep it up. From now on because I’m slow at this I’ll only release one a week on Monday.

CH4 P1

I was optimistic about the speed and length of time with which I’d be able to do this, but I’m just too slow for a schedule like this. We’ll see what happens in the future though.


KoiNante C3 P2

I ended up not being able to do anything about this on Friday, but it’s here now. This is all that’s coming out today.

There’s a lot of TL notes in this one. For some reason it was particularly difficult in that area.

CH3 P2

I had a lot of trouble getting the time for this one, but it’s out now. I was a little late to start the actual translation, but I got ahead in copying the raw text so next time might be easier. At least I hope so, since there’s no eBook version of this available as far as I can tell. Finding that out was a bit disappointing because that has to be the slowest/most boring part of this.

Also, just for reference this part was about 7 pages in the google doc and in the future I’m aiming for at least 12 to see how that looks. I like reading longer chapters, so that’s why I’m attempting this. But again, I’ll say I can’t promise anything. It’s basically my motto.

KoiNante C3 P1

I’m not sure how to handle the elongated speech that’s used sometimes, so I’m gonna use a ~ for now.¬†Also, this one was kind of rushed, so the grammar and things might be a bit rough.

I still plan to just about double the length of releases, just not this time.

CH3 P1

As you can see from the title, I didn’t quite make my goal and had to split it into two parts. A bunch of stuff came up IRL so I couldn’t work on it as much. I’ll see what I can do about the second part after I get back from work a few hours after this posts, but I never make promises when I can help it.



KoiNante C2 P1

Pretty difficult part here. There’s also not as many stopping points, but it’s not as long either. Actually… looking at it, some of the future chapters a gonna be a long ride…

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it though.

CH2 P1

I had wanted to release the next part now, but I’m working on it as I schedule this, so we’ll see. I’m enjoying myself but it’s still work to an extent, and slow work at that, but we’ll get there.

The next chapter is only one page longer than this one, so it’d be good if it was easier. I should have a bit more time now that this recent Love Live event ended, but we’ll see how it goes since there’s always PUBG to keep me busy.

KoiNante C1 P4

I finished this one in time, so I figured I’d put it out along with P3. Since it seems like it takes a couple days of work for one part, at the moment I’m thinking I’ll try releasing at 12 on Mondays and Fridays. I’m not promising anything though…

CH1 P4

KoiNante C1 P3

In this one, I removed most of the clutter. Now the explanations are in square brackets and below them are TL notes are in parentheses, in short:

Explanations = # in post & [#] at bottom
TL Notes = TL# in post & (TL#) at bottom

C1 P3

I appreciate the response this has gotten so far. I didn’t really expect it.

As I said before, I removed the clutter from this one, meaning moving all the notes to the bottom. I also reduced the number of the ones about the translation itself, since most of them don’t actually matter when it comes down to it.

Only one part left to this chapter now, which should be posting in about 30 minutes.