KoiNante C3 P2

I ended up not being able to do anything about this on Friday, but it’s here now. This is all that’s coming out today.

There’s a lot of TL notes in this one. For some reason it was particularly difficult in that area.

CH3 P2

I had a lot of trouble getting the time for this one, but it’s out now. I was a little late to start the actual translation, but I got ahead in copying the raw text so next time might be easier. At least I hope so, since there’s no eBook version of this available as far as I can tell. Finding that out was a bit disappointing because that has to be the slowest/most boring part of this.

Also, just for reference this part was about 7 pages in the google doc and in the future I’m aiming for at least 12 to see how that looks. I like reading longer chapters, so that’s why I’m attempting this. But again, I’ll say I can’t promise anything. It’s basically my motto.

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