KoiNante C4 P3

I told you it wasn’t gonna happen. It’s only been like 10 months. Nbd, right?

I’m reordering some things with the site, so if you find some links don’t work and feel like it, let me know.

Would you guys prefer getting the content in small, ‘more frequent’ chunks or in the larger, full chapters that may take… a while? For context, CH4 was 24 pages and CH5 is 57.


CH4 P3

So, I was basically an on-call employee when I started translating this, but at some point my coworker/friend decided to go to Vietnam for… well, he hasn’t come back yet… and because of that I was brought on full time. Getting used to it took a lot out of me so I had to take a break from translating, and you know how it is once you fall out of a habit. Getting back to this was always in the back of my mind though, so once I got a decent amount of time off I started working on it again.

Hopefully you didn’t all relegate this to the graveyard of half-translated novels yet.

Also, fun fact; the author wrote at least two other novels like this. One seems to be a sequel, which has some illustrations of the two main characters in it, and the other has a slightly different title so I have no idea of the plot.

14 thoughts on “KoiNante C4 P3

  1. Hello again xD
    I think it would be better when you translate in smaller parts. So the people who whant to read the parts from the chapter can read it and the other can read later the whole Chapter.

    And its better for you i think so you dont have this big chunk of work before you.
    Little steps are better πŸ€“

    And thank you for the chapter πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜ŒπŸ‘Œ


  2. Welcome back, and thank you very much for the chapter!

    And also, would you happen to be interested in a helping hand? Something like a joint work?

    I am currently studying in Japan, and a few months back I happened to cross into this novel in a nearby honya-san. I immediately got interested with the art and cover, not to mention I am a sucker for love stories. Tried to check in novelupdates, and was glad to found that someone is translating this wonderful novel (since my main objective from buying this book is to improve my Japanese while having some fun reading novels).

    I’ll be leaving soon from Japan at around the end of February and I’ll be free to translate from March if everything goes well.

    If in any case you happen to be interested, please do tell me, and I’ll contact you back as soon as I can.

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Such a good novel. Hoping you would update it more frequently but yeah unfortunately Real Life is a priority. Anyways, thanks for your hardwork and hopefully there’ll be more chaps soon.


  4. I like this story very much. Hope u can keep doing so good work.

    Hope there is more chapters and this fabulous novel doesnt get abandoned.

    Thanks for the great work again.


  5. Hello, I had been waiting for updates for over a year now. may I know when will you be able to upload one? the series is really great. Good job as always


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