KoiNante Ch 1 Part 1

As you can see from the title, I’ll be splitting the chapters up. This one has 4 parts I think. I usually aim for around at least 5 pages in my google doc. It takes too long otherwise due to my process and lack of skill. Things in parenthesis with no English are where I’m pretty sure about my translation, but it took me a minute to put together, so I could be wrong. I may leave those out in the future though since they’re generally not very helpful and clutter things up.

CH1 P1

I plan to write names in the eastern style; last name first name. If it ever comes up, I’ll probably also leave things like onii/onee-chan, because I’m not into trying to make that sound even close to natural in English.

By the way, advice or criticism is welcomed, be it about translations or the website or whatever. I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m just going based on what I’ve noticed at other translator sites, so it’d help if things get pointed out. Especially the not obvious ones.

KoiNante CH 0 – Prologue

I wrote a couple things in my about if you actually care about me. Other than that, I’ll just say I’m starting with this book only because I happened to buy it when I was ordering the last Honeyworks album to take advantage of the fact that it wouldn’t affect shipping costs much. I basically bought it because between the title and the cover it roughly fit my taste for romance-type things, but I don’t know anything about the actual plot. Which means, we’re going through this one together.

You may or may not be able to see, but it’s 2 am now. I’ve just finished with getting everything ready with this site and it’s time for the prologue to go live. I say that, but I’ve already put it up, so…


CH 0


As a side note, the book doesn’t have chapter numbers. I decided that this was ch 0 because it’s like 4 pages in the book whereas the next chapter spans pg. 7 – pg. 40.

I’ll figure out the other couple bits I have saved up tomorrow, not that anyone will find this before then ’cause I’ll also be figuring out how to put it in Novelupdates at that time.