KoiNante CH 0 – Prologue

I wrote a couple things in my about if you actually care about me. Other than that, I’ll just say I’m starting with this book only because I happened to buy it when I was ordering the last Honeyworks album to take advantage of the fact that it wouldn’t affect shipping costs much. I basically bought it because between the title and the cover it roughly fit my taste for romance-type things, but I don’t know anything about the actual plot. Which means, we’re going through this one together.

You may or may not be able to see, but it’s 2 am now. I’ve just finished with getting everything ready with this site and it’s time for the prologue to go live. I say that, but I’ve already put it up, so…


CH 0


As a side note, the book doesn’t have chapter numbers. I decided that this was ch 0 because it’s like 4 pages in the book whereas the next chapter spans pg. 7 – pg. 40.

I’ll figure out the other couple bits I have saved up tomorrow, not that anyone will find this before then ’cause I’ll also be figuring out how to put it in Novelupdates at that time.

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