C0 Prologue

In dreams, we were existences that to each other were “Absolutely Not.”

Recently, I’ve thought “I’m pretty cute.” However, soon after, I was made to realize “I’m an Unpleasant Girl.”

And then —

It was not long after orientation, before they had even switched seats for the first time.

“Now then, please look at the graphic at the top of the 14th page of your documents.”

It was the middle of class in modern society. Since the teacher standing in front of the blackboard said so, they hurriedly retrieved their documents from inside their desks.

At that time, he unintentionally looked at his seat neighbor. There sat a female student who seemed to have forgotten her documents, and not just that, but she was absentmindedly propping herself up on one elbow.

“About the Greenhouse gas emission ratio, well, just as the graphic says, the Carbon Dioxide keeps…”

The teacher began his explanation of the documents, and he thought “What should I do?” Up until now he had never talked to her. That said, pretending he never noticed the problem would hurt his conscience

Resolved, he called out.


She turned her brown head towards him.

Maybe she’s wearing makeup, as there are no imperfections on her small, well featured face. Her shirt was courageously open, with her collarbone peeking out from the top, and above that swayed a necklace with a small stone. While dealing with the problem of where to look in a panic, he once again looked at her face, from which a stern look was overflowing. He lost his nerve, but he continued anyway.

“Umm…, would you like to share my documents?”

To which she dubiously replied.

“No, I’m good”


While he was sitting dumbfounded, she looked behind her and requested from the girl sitting there in a friendly manner “Hey, hey, Let me see yours.”

The girl in the back said, “Eh…, It can’t be helped, huh” while laughing and opened it to the correct page to let her see. However, Kitaoka would have to twist and bend quite a bit and it seemed like it would be hard to see.

“Alright. Then, next is page 20. Umm…., who will I have read, I wonder?”

“The person in seat 20.”

The teacher made a nomination, and so from the left side of the classroom a voice was heard awkwardly reading aloud.

He looked to the side with a quick glance. As if earlier had never happened, Kitaoka nonchalantly gazed at the documents.

“Pfft”, he heard laughing voices coming from behind. With that cold refusal, for all he knows it could be about him.

(What’s with that, damn it……)

It’s not as if there were any ulterior motives. He just thought to share his documents for a little bit, but he’s starting to think that there must have been something wrong with him. He made the offer in kindness, so isn’t it wrong to treat him like something troublesome?(親切心で申し出たのに、何故それを厄介ごとのように扱われなくてはいけなかったのか。) He was humiliated. Just seeing the unconcerned profile of Kitaoka’s face makes his mind swirl with loathing.

From that moment on, due to that kind of trivial thing, he would make sure to never again try to make contact with her. That, he had decided.

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7 thoughts on “C0 Prologue

  1. Really good beginning but can you make it so that i can go to the next chapter from this one without the need to do so from nu? Thanks for the chapter btw


  2. Ooohhh I just happen to stroll and found this novel. A pure romance light novel is what I’m looking for among all the isekai out there.
    Thanks for translating this one m8


  3. Ah, youth. At me too such happened: you wish to help or assist by out of kindness (without a second thought), and schoolmates build from this theory that supposedly you wanted to do with the ladies.
    Thanks for the translation.


  4. Man, what a nightmare this kind of thing was to my teenage self. It’s still not fun if it were to happen today, but back then it’d be like, the end of the world.


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